Tools – Cyberchef v10 released

GCHQ recently unveiled CyberChef v10, the latest version of their versatile tool, often referred to as the “Cyber Swiss Army Knife”. This new release brings a suite of enhancements and features, further solidifying its reputation as a powerful tool in the cyber world.

Here are the key updates introduced in CyberChef v10:

  • Status Bars: These provide data-related statistics and options.
  • Character Encoding Selection: This feature allows precise control over how input data is encoded and output data is decoded.
  • End of Line (EOL) Separator Selection: This feature bolsters data integrity.
  • Non-Printable Character Rendering: Ensures users have a clear understanding of the data they’re working with.
  • Improved File Loading: Allows users to edit any file loaded into the tool.
  • Modern Editor Features: Thanks to the integration of the CodeMirror6 editor, features such as rectangular selections, bracket matching, and selection matching are now available.

One of the most exciting additions to CyberChef v10 is the new Contextual Help Feature. By simply pressing F1 while hovering over a feature, users can access helpful information about that feature. This addition aims to make the tool even more user-friendly and intuitive, even as it becomes more powerful and feature-rich.

The announcement of CyberChef v10 by GCHQ signals an exciting development in the world of cyber tools. We eagerly anticipate the innovative ways in which these new features will be utilized by the community.

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