Cyber Threats to the 2024 Elections: The Role of Russia and Iran

Mandiant has highlighted Russia and Iran as prominent state-sponsored cyber threats poised to disrupt the 2024 elections. Their tactics, often multilayered and complex, include data theft, DDoS attacks, disinformation, and the use of deepfakes. These strategies are designed to influence public perception and sow discord within democratic processes.

Russia, in particular, has been adept at executing hybrid cyber campaigns that combine different types of cyberattacks to magnify their impact. These activities are not just about direct electoral interference but also aim to undermine public trust in the electoral process itself.

Iran, while also a significant threat, employs similar tactics with a notable emphasis on disinformation campaigns. Both countries have shown the capability and intent to disrupt or influence elections through cyber means, which represents a serious challenge to maintaining the integrity of electoral systems.

As the 2024 elections approach, understanding these threats is crucial for developing effective countermeasures and securing democratic institutions from foreign interference.

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