Unraveling Phishing SMS Campaigns: A Collaborative Success Story

A recent operation against phishing SMS campaigns in the UK, shared via a tweet by Jake from JCyberSec_ (@JCyberSec_) and a LinkedIn post by the Dedicated Card and Payment Crime Unit (DCPCU), provides valuable insights into the collaborative efforts to combat cybercrime.

According to the information shared, Jake’s team generated intelligence that led to the execution of four search warrants across England by officers from London’s Police (@DCPCU_tweets). These warrants were related to phishing SMS campaigns, often referred to as smishing, linked to what are known as “Hi Mum/Dad” family scams.


In these scams, the attackers send fraudulent text messages pretending to be the victim’s son or daughter. They claim to have lost, broken, or damaged their phone and request an urgent payment. If the victim responds to the smishing message, they receive a direct SMS with bank details and a request to send money.

The operation led to the arrest of three individuals suspected of conducting these smishing offenses. The DCPCU also seized multiple SIM farms, devices used to send out bulk text messages, and other devices belonging to the suspects.

The successful operation against these phishing campaigns is a testament to the power of collaboration between cybersecurity teams and law enforcement. It also underscores the importance of generating and utilizing accurate intelligence to combat cyber threats.

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